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Destroy Deprivation....Zap Fat! Anti-diet diet plan to solve obesity

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"Wow, this has changed my life! It was depressing and awful (before)...but now I feel GREAT!...this simple program really works...almost effortlessly, I am down 6 pant sizes and 38 pounds in 11 weeks. Aren't you ready for a change?"  - Helena (You can read Helena's entire story from the book by clicking here.)
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"Compelling - makes perfect sense - even though I'm no medical genius! I appreciate that your plan provides me with not just the 'how' but the 'why' of what I will be eating, how much, and how it is being used in my body. I feel like I'm getting an education in human body biology 101!"  - Michelle Smith, Arizona (Shed 24# in 10 weeks)

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"As the Director of Human Performance at Coyotes Athletic Centers, I am always looking for information that will help our clients achieve the results they want and need quickly. That is why I am so excited to recommend 'The Anti-Diet'."  - Darrin Permenter (Click here to read Darrin's entire letter)

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"Two paragraphs into Chapter 8, I started crying because everything written was what I needed to hear at the exact moment. I have been praying to be able to stick with these lifestyle changes and reading your book at my lowest point was just what I needed. Thank you for making me feel invigorated and motivated again."  - Lizz Parker, RN in Arizona (Shed 12 pounds in 7 weeks)

"I think I am doing pretty good on the plan...and have gotten past the craving for breads...and full sugar soda pop." - Kelli Calhoon, Arizona (
Shed 9.9 pounds in 3 weeks)

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"I have lost 5 pounds (in 2 weeks) which is pretty good, since I was gaining weight on a regular basis when we first talked." - S.J. Ronning, RN in South Dakota

"Like you, I have tried hundreds of diets....I am inspired by your book." - Nancy Shapiro, Arizona

"The recipes alone are worth the price of your book......great!"  - Carolyn Carbone, Arizona 

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"I love the Popeye Soup...that recipe alone is worth the cost."  - Vikki Wolf, California

"I started the eating plan 2 days ago and I feel GREAT already!"  - Sherri Schultz, RN in Arizona

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