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Return policy: We publish media for education and inspiration. I have an intense mission to help folks suffering from obesity to permanently solve their problem, so I want you to be successful and satisfied (see guarantee below). The term obesity means having an excessive amount of body fat. However, media is essentially consumed once it has been delivered. Therefore, we do not accept returns or issue refunds except as outlined in the guarantee.

1.  Explain your guarantee. Are you crazy? It is true that as far as I know, there is no other "diet" book that has a guarantee. Obviously, your success is up to you. However, I know The ANTI-Diet works. It has worked for every person who has followed it and the vast majority of folks have stated that it is simple and easy to follow. So, here is the guarantee:

  A. You must be at least 30 pounds overweight and have been for at least 2 years (my minimum definition of chronically overweight).
  B. You must follow The ANTI-Diet as it is written for 90 days minimum.
  C. You must document your activities (see book assignments, etc.) and progress (have starting weight and body fat percentage, weight charts while on the plan, as well as a pre and post cholesterol panel if you are making a claim about that).

Once you satisfy these criteria and follow The ANTI-Diet for 90 days, you will shed excess fat and your cholesterol panel will improve (reduction of LDL and/or triglycerides). In the event your body fat has not gone down and/or your cholesterol panel has not improved, you send a copy of your documentation to Optimal Wellness Press, 130 Sugarloaf St, Unit B, Sedona, AZ 86351, along with your request for the "diet" book of your choice. We will refund the purchase price of The ANTI Diet (less any shipping cost and tax) and buy you the book you have requested.

2.  What  are the key differences of The ANTI-Diet?  First,it works with your physiology to crush cravings, destroy deprivation, and zap fat.  Second, it is written by someone with a health and science background who has actually been there. I struggled with obesity my entire life: trying pretty much everything that doesn't work until I started to discover some things that do. Third, it includes proven, delicious, money and time saving recipes that don't require you to buy special or expensive foods. It is a permanent solution for weight loss because it is lifetime and lifestyle functional (a program that you can follow for life, not a "diet" to go on). Fourth it is designed especially for folks who are chronically overweight and/or obese (at least 30 pounds overweight for at least 2 years). Most of us have bodies that don't deal with carbohydrate dense foods (like fruit and bread for example) like other people do. Not everyone who needs glasses gets the same ones, right?  Fourth, it is endorsed by physicians, advanced practice nurses, dietitians, and bedside nurses. It comes with a money back plus guarantee. You have nothing to lose (but excess fat) trying this program!

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3.  You don't really look that obese in your before picture. What is your definition of obesity?  It is true that as a society we have come to think of obesity as morbid obesity. We often call people "overweight" or "big" who are actually obese. Most people we identify as obese, are actually morbidly obese. I am interested in straight talk about this problem and using appropriate definitions. As far as we know, The ANTI-Diet is the first book for consumer weight loss that uses the word "obesity" on the cover! During the fall of 2000, I was actually more than 100 pounds overweight, which at the time fit the definition of morbid obesity. There are several measures and definitions of obesity. The CDC defines overweight as a BMI (body mass index) of 25-29.9 and obese as a BMI of 30 or greater. However, BMI doesn't tell the entire story, because those people with large muscle mass have high BMI but are not overweight (think really fit people, pro athletes for example). I believe a better way to define obesity is by body fat percentage. Unfortunately, that measurement is not as accessible to many folks. I would say a 40 year old man with body fat of 22% or greater is overweight. He is obese at 30% or greater and morbidly obese at 40%. A 40 year old woman is overweight at 30% and obese at 38% or greater and morbidly obese at 48% (woman naturally have a higher percentage of body fat than men).  Click here to see the BMI calculator's on the CDC website.

4.  What if I am still hungry often? Remember, you are supposed to be hungry between meals! Make sure you are following the plan as written. Go through the troubleshooting guide to be sure you aren't doing anything "wrong" (chapter 8 pp 71-74). You may eat up to two servings of a feeding as often as every three hours. Be sure you are eating lots of high quality carbohydrate dense foods during your Power Hour. Once you are sure it is real hunger (remember, some hunger is expected and good) if you are eating less than two servings of feeding foods, increase your serving size. For example, you are eating one serving of omelet bake for your first feeding. You have hydrated with lemon or lime but still find yourself very hungry in less than 3 hours. Increase your intake to one and a half servings of omelet bake (pick one with veggies built in), then up to two servings if needed. Or have a serving of omelet bake and a serving of popeye soup or extra veggies with vinaigrette or one of the dips. Remember, a feeding is one to four servings of vegetables from the approved list and one 3-4 ounce serving of protein (all with less than 5 grams of carbohydrate net of fiber). Two servings would be double that which is a huge amount of food! You may need a huge amount of food if you are really large (greater than 300# for a man, greater than 250# for a woman). Go ahead and eat it, following the rules and guidelines exactly.

5. But what about portion control? Traditional advice to eat small portions of carbohydrate dense foods is a major part of the problem for those of us who have been chronically overweight. It is why traditional diets fail us. Based on the research and development I conducted  portion size is WAY less important than the foods you choose. If portion control advice worked for chronically overweight people, we wouldn't even be having this discussion. That is why you find no mention of portion control specifically in The ANTI-Diet.  For insulin resistant and insulin over-secreting people like us, the composition and timing of the feedings is what is most important. It is crucial to work with your body's metabolic tendencies and reverse the cycle of insulin over secretion and reduce your insulin resistance. You will learn to trust your hunger when you aren't having crazy cravings. Those cravings are triggered by eating carbohydrate dense foods at any time other than Power Hour (see #2). Once you follow the program for at least a few days consistently, you will know exactly what I mean.

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6. I can eat whatever I want during Power Hour? Yes. But you must follow the rules and guidelines described in chapter 7. Obviously, this means that at the end of power hour, you can't slam down an entire cheesecake, or half gallon of ice cream, or a dozen donuts. One day a week you can relax the guidelines for your mini indulgence (and have a larger serving of dessert after at least one serving of fruit). One day a month you can have the planned pig out where you really are allowed to slam down a half gallon of ice cream (or other ginormous sized dessert) at the end of power hour if you have time and really want it.

7. Why don't you have your book published by a major publishing house? While it is true that would reduce my hassle factor considerably, it would also decrease the flexibility I have and can offer to large corporate clients. The main reason, however, is that publishers think using the word "obesity" in the subtitle is marketing suicide. I think it is time for us to start removing the emotion and start using straight talk about this epidemic disorder in western cultures, and specifically in America. Obesity is a clinical term, not an insult. It is time to get real and get on with solving the problem. In that way my mission is somewhat different than that of traditional publishers who are in business to sell the greatest number of books to the greatest number of people through more traditional (like chain book stores) means.

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8. How can I contact you? or Optimal Wellness Press, 922 Old Stage Rd Prescott, AZ 86303 928.443.1037

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